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Our trainings and services are always customized to your establishment.  We welcome your experiences, so we can integrate them into each and every training, making a stronger impact on your staff. 

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Restaurant Audits

$250-$500: Ensure the safety of the food your establishment produces and the cleanliness of your staff.  Audits are performed on a monthly basis, with 150 or 250 check points, and a full report within 48 hours of your audit.

ServSafe Manager Training* (8 Hour)

$196pp : An 8 Hour Training with textbook, and certification exam w. certification upon successful completion of exam and course.

ServSafe FoodHandler Training* (2.5-3hour)

$59pp: A 2.5 Hour Training with textbook, and certification quiz w. certification upon successful completion of quiz and course

ServSafe Allergen training

$99pp: Train your staff on the common allergens present in their work environment, and what they can offer as alternatives to their favorite menu items.  This training will go in depth into the world of food allergens, and what to do in case of emergency situations as it relates to food safety in your hospitality environment. 

*This is a 2.5 hour training and will require a computer for the exam

**Upon successful completion of the exam, participants will receive a certificate from the National Restaurant Association's Educational Foundation

ServSafe Alcohol training (4 hour) 

$59pp: Online Course Content

ServSafe Alcohol Training, includes 3 hour course training, with exam and text.  Certificates provided to those who pass the final test. This course is a popular alternative to the TiPS trainings.

manage first nutrition course

This course dives into the nutrition world and is a cornerstone to any "healthy" and modern establishments core curriculum for it's staff.  Learn about common illnesses, the different vitamins, and the importance of proper personal care though nutritions foods.


Leadership training

Learn about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in an approachable means to increase the skills, communication and "team" environment needed to foster a healthy work environment filled with mutual respect, and tangible results. 

*This is a 4 hour training, intended for both upper management, potential leaders and hourly staff. 

** Alternative to Social Styles 







*Meets the September 2017 Hawaii State Food Safety Law

** All trainings are subject to the Hawaii State General Excise Tax of 4.712%